The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years Sessions are for those times after your newborn has grown and is beginning the toddler/pre-school years. This is when your child’s imagination is at it’s peak. They can spend hours engrossed in play with their favorite toys, dolls, games and stuffed animals among other things that grasp their attention. These are precious moments that are fleeting and will be fun to reflect upon when they get older. I have been guilty myself of not taking the time to document when my boys were into Ninja Turtles, Ghost Busters, Power Rangers or even Blues Clues, Bob the builder and Toy story.  Before we know it they are off to kindergarten and we become happy with the  “yearly” school photo. We need to document these moment for posterity. A Wonder Years Session lasts about an hour and I ask the parents to have the child dress themselves in whatever they want. It can even be an old halloween costume or a super hero cape. Then I ask that the child bring a bag or backpack full of their favorite toys, books, stuffed animals or anything else they are “into” at that time. Then the fun begins, I talk with them and ask questions about their favorite playthings and just photograph as they sit and play and engage with whatever they want to. The images that come from this type of session are so precious and fun. They will be the ones that you and your child will reflect on fondly when they are older and they will want to show them to their children as well at some point. Please call if you have any other questions and I hope to see you and your spirited child or children soon for this all important session.