Rain Sessions

This is a new realm of photography that I have now delved into, It is extraordinary, and I am lucky enough to be only 1 of 4 photographers in the United States that know how to do this. It has taken some time to build the set but it has been well worth the effort. You can now have your images captured in the rain!  This is a wonderful way to show off your artistry if you are a dancer, gymnast, body builder, sports player, or it makes for great pregnancy shots as well, the list goes on and on. This is even an awesome way to get a new and unique family portrait done.  The sessions are done in the evening after sunset outside. Each session is one hour long and allows for 2-3 outfit changes. Bring your music, outfits and a list of moves or positions that you want me to capture and we will go through each one. It is even possible to get a dry headshot with the rain behind you if that is something you need or want for your craft. If you are interested do not hesitate to call and I will explain the process to you. Time is limited as summer will be over before you know it and it will start to get cool in the evenings. However I do have a plan to be able to do this into the fall season. Right now the session fee is waived from mid August- mid-September. (a 150.00 value).