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Eight Practical Newborn Tips for New Parents: Tip 5

March 9, 2020


When I photograph babies, I use a space heater to make the area around baby very cozy and warm. For many poses, the baby is naked or in just a wrap or diaper cover. If the baby feels chilly they’ll be uncomfortable and fussy. The same is true at home.

Keep your home at a comfortable temperature (between 68 to 72 F). Be careful not to over-bundle your baby. When babies are too warm, they will be uncomfortable and it can also be dangerous. A good rule of thumb is to dress the baby with one layer more than what you are wearing yourself.

A cozy sleep environment will help your baby sleep well. I recommend using a warm flannel fitted sheet for your baby’s crib regardless of the season. Soft one-piece footed sleepers will help your baby stay warm from head to toe. For an extra layer, put a bodysuit or undershirt underneath the sleeper.

Speaking of cozy nurseries, newborn photos are a beautiful way to decorate your babies room. From contemporary fine art canvases that come ready to hang to heirloom quality framed prints, we have options for every decor. We also offer gorgeous albums and birth announcements.