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Eight Practical Newborn Tips for New Parents: Tip 4

February 12, 2020


Whether your infant is teething, suffering from colic pain, gas pain, hiccups, or general irritability you can trust gripe water as a safe, healthy, natural option to help your baby find relief. It’s honestly like a little bottle of magic and can be found in health food stores, neighborhood drug store, Target, and Amazon. I keep a bottle in the studio and recommend that every parent keep a bottle in their diaper bag. It’s that good.

Are you thinking about having professional photographs taken of your newborn? Newborn photography is very specialized and you want to be sure that your baby is in the best hands. Make sure that your photographer is licensed and insured and that they have had training and know how to keep your baby safe. Many popular newborn poses are actually composites of several photos. Babies should never be suspended or left unattended.

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