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Eight Practical Newborn Tips for New Parents: Tip 7

March 9, 2020


If I had a dollar for every time parents order a “shusher” during their session, I’d have A LOT of dollars. As I have mentioned a lot of these tips come from the concept that your baby is in their “4th Trimester” and is still adjusting to life outside the womb. A white noise machine is one of my favorites, it helps to simulate the noises your baby was used to hearing in the womb. White noise not only helps relax babies but it helps to soften environmental sounds that can disrupt sleep so you don’t have to tiptoe around the whole house when your baby is sleeping.

Whether your baby sleeps through the entire session or is wide awake, we will get beautiful images that you will treasure forever. Reply to this email if you would like to learn more about when to schedule a session.

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